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Digital Triax to Fiber Converter for HDC-2xxx & HDC-1xxx series

Extends the reach of a triax system up to a maximum distance of 3,700m between camera head and CCU

The HDFX-200 is an external converter box that allows the transmission of digital camera signals from the HDC-2400/2500/2550 system camera to the HDCU-2000/2500 Camera Control Unit (CCU) via conventional triax cable. When the system camera is fitted with the HKC-TR27 digital triax adaptor side cover, the system allowsthe transmission of 1080P or 2xSloMo signals (2x1080i) over triax. The HDFX-200 converts the triax signals to an SMPTE-Fibre cable to be accepted by the CCU.

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HDC-2000 Series Brochure

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