USB Key Standby patch

This patch resolves the following issue:
- Computer can not enter standby mode when an USB mass storage device is connected.
This program is to be used only with the VAIO model listed below:
Download and Installation Instructions
1.Download the,and save it to a download directory. (Please note this directory for reference.)
2.Go the download directory, and double-clickUSBKeyStandbypatch.zipto extract it
3.Follow the extraction wizard and go to theUSB Key Standby patchdirectory created by the wizard
4.Double-clickUSB Key Standby patch.reg
5.ClickYESto accept the patch to copy the content to the Registry.
6.ClickOKwhen the patch is successfully installed.

Informações sobre o ficheiro

Nome do ficheiro


Arquitetura do ficheiro

  • 32 bit

Tamanho do ficheiro

  • 314 b

Data de lançamento

  • 49-32-2005