Modem (CXT AC-Link) Driver Version 7.04.01 for Microsoft Windows XP

This update is to be installed on the VAIO notebooks listed below:

This driver resolves the following problem:
-When modem port is open, system response is slow after resume from Hibernation on battery.

Download Procedure
1. DownloadMDD_cxt_70401.exeand save it to a download directory.
2. Go to the download directory. Double-clickMDD_cxt_70401.exe.
3. Click Unzip. The file is extracted toC:\SP-004986-09.
3. ExitWinZip Self-Extractorprogram.
Installation Procedure
1. Close all running programs.
2. Delete or rename the folder "ModemSmartMC35"located underC:\drivers.
3. OpenControl Paneland double-clickAdd or Remove Programs.
4. SelectSoft56K Data Fax CARPand clickChange/Remove.
5. ClickYesto restart the computer.
6. After computer restarts, aFound New Hardware Wizardappears.
7. SelectInstall from a list or specific location (Advanced).
8. ClickNext. SelectSearch for the best driver in these locationsand clickInclude this location in the search.
9. Browse toC:\SP-004986-09 and click OK.
10. ClickNext. Wait while the Wizard installs the software.
11. ClickFinish.

Informações sobre o ficheiro

Nome do ficheiro

  • MDD_cxt_70401.exe

Arquitetura do ficheiro

  • 32 bit

Tamanho do ficheiro

  • 1.19 Mb

Data de lançamento

  • 12-11-2003