BIOS Update Version R0140T1

This update resolves the following issues:

  • C Drive Recovery from hidden hard disk drive partition may fail to run when started from Windows.
  • CPU error message may be displayed at POST.
  • Unit may hang when a printer is connected to the parallel port.
  • Unit may hang at Sony logo with specific partition sizes.

Installation Instructions 1. Make sure the computer is connected to the mains and exit all running programs.
2. Download this update and save it to your hard drive.
3. When the download is completed, locate the downloaded file in the location you specified.
4. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation (DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS!)
6. The computer may automatically shut down when the installation is complete.
7. You can now restart your computer.

Informações sobre o ficheiro

Nome do ficheiro

  • EP0000144243.exe

Arquitetura do ficheiro

  • 32 bit

Tamanho do ficheiro

  • 1.01 Mb

Data de lançamento

  • 19-13-2008